BCLP-13 Way of Life T4: Brother Nelson Maquiling talks about Christian Money

October 03, 2015 – Don Bosco Chapel Basement

Bro Nelson Maquiling

Bro Nelson Maquiling – discussed about CHRISTIAN and HIS MONEY


Brother Nelson Maquiling and a former Chapter Head BCBP Talisay discussed business topics and morality in the CHRISTIAN MONEY to the participants of the Christian Life Program (BCLP-13) of the BCBP Talisay Chapter. The event was held at Don Bosco Chapel Basement last October 3, 2015 and it was attended by the 26 members of the BCLP-13 and the many servants of the said CLP program.

Brother Nelson Maquiling talked about the “CHRISTIAN and HIS MONEY.”

Bro Nelson