BCBP Argao officially declared as OUTREACH

October 4, 2015 – Argao City, Cebu

HOLY MASS - before the Installation program

HOLY MASS – before the Installation program

Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals Argao (BCBP Argao) was officially declared as OUTREACH yesterday at the Parish Pastoral Center of Argao as endorsed by the BCBP Chapter Head Brother Greg Bersabal, RCD Region South Brother Ani Serrato and Area Managing Director Boy Villanueva with the presence of the National President Brother Joey Avellana.

BCBP Talisay hold the first satellite breakfast last June 29, 2014 and barely a year and 3  months after, it is officially declared as OUTREACH. The BCBP Talisay hold two BCLP’s at Argao as the preparations of the OUTREACH level. They have officially 46 members at this time.

Argao Leaders in a ceremony

Argao Leaders in a ceremony

The installation program preceded by the BE HONEST Campaign in the whole city and by the HOLY MASS celebrated by Rev Fr. Socrates Cabanig. It was followed by the endorsement programs of the chapter head, RCD and AMD.


The present officers of the ARGAO OUTREACH were also called and installed officially in front of many guests, members of the community and Argao BCBP members.


Celebrant                           :              Rev Fr. Socrates Cabanig

First Reading                      :              Bro Willie Adonay

Psalms                                 :              Bro Dritz Pontillas

Second Reading                :              Bro Joven Egos

Prayers of the Faithful     :              Hermes Estrada

Irvin Paul Camarillo

Paul Isaac Dizon

Jenelyn Gacis

Offerings                            :              Candle – Paul Belocura

Candle – Marilou Sardido

Flowers – Rosendo & Flordeliza Botero

Wine – Eduardo Lumayag

Host  – Mesel Remoroza

Host – Martina Matsumoto

Host – Charissa Mae Sanchez

Chalice – Bro Greg Bersabal

Ciborium – Sis Beng Bersabal

Lector                                 :              Bro Judge Jun Dumdum




  1. National Anthem
  2. Opening Remarks :              Bro Greg Bersabal
  • Inspirational Talk     :              Bro Ani Serrato, RCD Southern Region
  1. Message from BCBP President : Bro Joey Avellana
  2. Presentations
  3. Closing Remarks :              Bro Boy Villanueva, AMD Visayas
  • Closing Prayers :              Bro Lindy Alfar
  • Emcees                :              Bro Albert and Sis Janet Mananay

Bro Jess Saranillo, Bro Rodien, Bro Greg Bersabal, Bro Mar Siao, Manila Guest, Bro Lindy Alfar, Bro Joey Avellana, Bro Mayor Edsel Galeos, Bro Jr Chan, Bro Judge Jun Dumdum, Bro Allan Larot

bro Greg Argao

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