Nadela Couple shares BCBP Talisay Joint Breakfast

Casey Nadela

BCBP Sharers : Kuya Casi and Ate Emma Nadela

June 13, 2015 – Chowking Tabunok, Gaisano Tabunok, Talisay City

The Nadela Couple Bro Casi And Sister Emma Nadela  bared their life’s story of God’s Glory and Protection in the eyes and ears of the Brotherhood of Businessmen and Professionals Talisay Chapter at the breakfast fellowship held at Chowking, Gaisano Tabunok, Talisay City last June 13, 2015. The sharers came from the BCBP Mandawe West Chapter and did not mind traveling long roads to proclaim God’s Glory especially to the two(2) first timers.

The breakfast fellowship hosted by the Bro Yulo and Sister Opay Algoso was attended  a good number of members at the said venue.

Casey Nadela2

HOSTS : Sis Opay, Bro Yulo Algoso, BREAKFAST HEAD: Bro Concon, Sister Amy, NADELA COUPLE, MISSION DIRECTOR : Sis Adel and Bro Doty

(Sources : facebook, Email)

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