Chapter Head completes BCBP Talisay Team

Incoming Chapter Head Greg Bersabal completed the list of the Incoming Governance Team and the Ministry Heads as well as the Units and Action Group Composition.



Chapter Head                  :           Brother Greg & Sister Beng Bersabal

Mission Director            :           Brother Dothy Basalo & Sister Edelle Basalo

Formation Director       :           Brother Chuchu & Sister Jingjing Farrarons

PSD Director                   :           Brother Raffy & Sister Jane Mativo

Treasury Director           :           Brother Buboy & Marz Tan

Unit Leader                     :           Brother Ben & Anita Simbajon

Unit Leader                     :           Brother Yulo & Opay Algoso

Unit Leader                    :           Brother Jr & Ching Chan

Unit Leader                    :           Brother Nesty & Alma Mertalla

New Governance 2



Breakfast Head                         :           Brother Concon & Amy Quisaot

Outreach Head                         :           Brother Jun & Sister Gingging Dumdum

BCLP Course Dir                      :           Brother Pebs Villacrucis



Teaching Ministry Head      :           Brother Nelson & Virgie Maquiling

Assembly Ministry Head      :           Brother Leo & Sister Delia Solmayor

Liturgy Head                            :           Brother Norman & Sister Rose Matias

Intercessory Head                  :           Brother Ampy & Sister Vicky Cabellon

Music Ministry Head            :           Brother Joven & Sister Jet Atienza

Family Ministry                      :           Brother Jules & Sister Cecille Felisilda



Secretariat                               :           Brother Rodien & Sister Jiji Paca

Social Services Head            :           Brother Albert & Sister Janet Mananay

Celebration Head                 :           Brother Philip & Sister Leila Cuizon

Advocacy                                 :           Brother Clifford & Sister Roliza Villaflores


BCBP New Organization 2015



Action Group Leader      :           Brother Cres & Jovy Gabrillo (17)

Asst AGL                           :           Brother Ricky & Lyvie Apdan

Brothers & Sisters            

Jao, Victor

Jao, Portia

Pocot, Armando

Pocot, Yenyen

Rafinan, Monching

Rafinan, Remy

Tan, Serge

Tan, Inday

Alfaro, Pheebs

Niepes, Glenda

Lucmayon, Roger

Lucmayon, Mila


 Action Group Leader      :      Brother Tinoy & Inday Condor (12)

Asst AGL                            :       Brother Billy & Olive Jabido

Brothers & Sisters            :

Martinez, Yoyong

Martinez, Inday

Canete, Lino

Canete, Ophie

Velasquez, Linda

Bacalla, Sherwin

Bacalla, Kathyleen

Teves, Boy

Colubio, Sheila

Arco, Ebet

Arco, Shiobe

Dadula, Rosie



Action Group Leader  :           Brother Roger & Annie Laurente (20)

Asst AGL                       :           Brother Ed & Nida Aringay

Brothers & Sisters    

Alfar, Lindy

Alfar, Dinah

Eribal, Wing

Orias, Mary Ann

Dumdum, Jun

Dumdum, Ging-Ging

Lorenza, Yoni

Geraldez, Mameng

Macaraya, Manoling

Relativo, Jov

Relativo, Tess

Esgana, Aries


 Action Group Leader     :           Brother Jules & Inday Felisilda (16)

Asst AGL                           :           Brother Pebs & Sister Jeda Villacrucis

Brothers & Sisters     :

Mabitad, Ringo

Mabitad, Tess

Ramirez, Bing

Ramirez, Jaime

Suarez, Alberto

Suarez, Zenaida

Concepcion, Bebie

Despi, Virginia

Salazar, Annelie

Relativo, Annaliza

de la Cruz, Riena



Action Group Leader        :           Brother Nigel & Charity Catao (16)

Asst AGL                             :               Brother Ampy & Vicky Cabellon

Brothers & Sisters      :

Alegado, Aben

Alegado, Anita

Alicaway, Jart

Sipalay, Alfredo

Sipalay, Ma. Sheila

Pasana, Jason

Pasana, Dothy Marie

Maquiling, Nelson

Maquiling, Virgie

Sebes, Zosima

Belleza, Edgar

Bolo, John


 Action Group Leader     :           Brother Leo & Sister Delia Solmayor (15)

Asst AGL                       :               Brother Rizalino & Rebecca Esgana

Brothers & Sisters      :

Galleto, Vicente

Galleto, Virginia

Matias, Norman

Matias, Rosemarie

Paca, Rodien

Paca, Edelyn

Pader, Antonio

Raffinian, Stephen

Raffinian, Jeanette

Villaflores, Clifford

Villaflores, Roliza


Action Group Leader      :   Brother Jess & Marlyn Saranillo (17)

Asst AGL                       :       Brother Raffy & Sister Emily Yrastorza

Brothers & Sisters    

Cajigas, Ricardo

Cajigas, Reybot

Enad, Jonifer

Enad, Rosalia

Quisaot, Concordio

Quisaot, Amelia

Real, Ross

Real, Rowena

Sanchez, Richie

Sanchez, Clemencia

Donal, Melba

Jabido, Marila

Yee, Joy



Action Group Leader      :        Brother Philip & Sister Leila Cuizon

Asst AGL                       :           Brother Joven & Sister Jet Atienza

Brothers & Sisters    

Buenaflor, Cesar

Buenaflor, Argentina

Mertalla, Nestor Jr.

Mertalla, Loarni

Quinain, Shikky

Quinain, Nadel Betchy

Renario, Deiter Alex

Renario, Jaclyn Louise

Salipong, Eva Dominique


 Action Group Leader     :        Brother Albert & Sister Janet Mananay

Asst AGL                       :           Brother Jun & Maricel Bacus

Brothers & Sisters    

Atienza, Jessica Therese

Dancel, Aaron

Dancel, Michaela Nova

Deiparini, Sidrick

Dumdum, Genevieve

Lucmayon, Shemaine

Sualan, Jacob Martin

Sualan, Jeambie

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