Bro Jun Dumdum lifts it all to the LORD!

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November 21, 2014 – GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Don Bosco Church Talisay City

Brother Jun Dumdum led the Praise & Worship session in the General Assembly in which highest honors and praises to the God Almighty. It was attended by good number of members at the rate of 53 members 0ut of 156  total members.

The assembly praised the God through songs and praises as follows:

1) House of Jacob

2) God is Good

3) I will call upon to the LORD

4) Let the Fire Fall

5) Singing Halllelujah

6) Change my Heart

Bible Sharing followed with the help of Sister Ophelia, Sister Jet Atienza, Brother Dothy Basalo, Sister Gingging Dumdum, Sister Opay Algoso and Brother Lindy.

Life Sharer:

1) Sister Araceli, Esgana

2) Sister Ophelia Canete

3) Brother Lindy Alfar

4) Sister Bing Ramirez

5) Brother Clifford Villaflores

6) Sister Dinah Alfar

All sharers were discerned by Brother Sherwin Bacalla and Sister Gingging Dumdum after which the song “GOD IS MY REFUGE” was on play.

Recap and summary have been done in excellent manner by Brother Roger Laurente.


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