Alfar Couple share the Glory of the Lord

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November 16, 2014 – Argao, Cebu

BCBP Talisay hold its 8th breakfast at Argao Outreach and brought in powerful and dynamic speakers Brother Lindy Alfar and Sister Dinah Alfar. The breakfast activity was sponsored by the Argao Outreach team and properly served with the Unit Brother Ben & Anita Simbajon. It was attended by 30 sisters and 26 brothers from the Talisay Chapter.

The event was also graced with so many first timers, second-timers and breakfasters.

Emcees : Bro Albert & Sister Janet Mananay

Opening Prayer : Brother & Sister Shikki & Nadel Quinain

Closing Prayer : Brother Cesar & Sister Argentina Buenaflor

(Source  : Facebook, Argao team, Sis Em Jabido)


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